Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaving Town

I've had it and I'm leaving. Well, I'm leaving to wait for the arrival of our newest grandbaby and I can't wait to see her. So I'm trying to pack and clean house. This week has just been a busy and hard week, I guess I'm just getting old. We are leaving friday to drive to Spokane, that is Daniel and I, but he will return home on saturday. Someone has to hold down the fort. If I live long enough! I think it's time for my husband to trade me in for 2 twenty two years olds. Just when my back heals it's something else and I'm sick of it. I even went to the good old Doc to check everything out and a shot in each arm,6 tubes of blood,checking of other things I don't care to mention and peeing in a cup for the second time this week. I thought good I'm done for a while,but oh no, when I come back from Spokane it's time for mamogram,bone scan, and a colonoscopy. Like I want to do the whole colonoscopy after the last time, the cleaning out was bad enough and they said you won't feel a thing. Yea, right, that's why I remember the pain and them telling we're almost done. That was after the endoscopy and I remember gagging. Oh did I mention the dry heaves after and feeling like someone had beat the crap out of me!!!!!! NOt to mention other stuff that I really don't want to talk about. Lovvvvvly week. I think 3 weeks in Spokane is sounding like maybe I should stay longer. Can't wait to see Heidi,Carter,Wes,and Jes.

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