Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm so thankful for Katii and her sweet little spirit. We new she was strong willed from the start, but didn't know that from such a young age she would choose the right and be so smart about so many things. One day a while back we asked her if she could have anything what would it be and she said "I wish everyone would go to church". She always wants to choose the right and would like for everyone else too, also. She's the very best of her mom and the very best of her dad and she has a giggle that makes me giggle. She is such a girlie girl and I think thats why papa calls her girlie. She came out screaming with wild black hair and pretty much screamed the first half of her life .Then all of sudden was this delightful little girl. She's so soft and sweet and willing to help do anything, even clean the toilet. She's such a delight, you just gotta love her. Kaisa Jeanette Powell we love you!!!!!!!

Kaisa and Carter on the swing at the house after the baptism. Carter just wanted to sit by her and play with her and just loved being around Kaisa pretty much the whole day.
Kaisa and Carter at the church.
After Kaisa (Katii) was baptised it was back to the house for lunch and a birthday party with capes for all the grandkids, and Katii didn't mind sharing her day with her favorite cousin Carter. We took lots of pictures and ate cupcakes .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

These are just a few of the pictures of some of the people that were there for Kaisa's special day.

Today was Kaisa's big day, and she was so excited. She's holding her towel that I get each one of the grandkid's, with their name and baptism date. They use it to dry off after they get baptised and then get to keep it for a nice reminder to remember that special day.