Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last straw

Do you ever feel stupid and you can't do anything right? That was today for me. Started out to be a good day and had lots of plans. It started to go down hill when I took my sweater back to the dry cleaners because they shrank it. The lady asked me how much bigger did it used to be? Ummm let me see, I don't know you wrecked it and it is so tight I couldn't get it on. I didn't know I should measure my sweaters before and after I took them to the cleaners. Just in case they ruin it. I was very nice, but I didn't want to be. I then drove to covington to the camera store because my camera hasn't been working right and I can't figure out what is wrong. I even have a camera book for dummies. Turns out the lens is broke. Who knew? NOt me. Since its a good lens it will take 250.00 to fix and 4 weeks or a new one for 400.00. Wow , never asked my husband how much he paid for it a few years back. Just knew it was a great camera and what a sweetie my husband was for getting it for me. The man said it had to take a good hit to break it, and I don't remember even dropping it or even banging it on or into anything. That was the last straw and I cryed all the way home and got a free hot cocoa at starbucks and that didn't even help. I so wanted to take pictures of the newest grandbaby Olivia. They say it's best to take them 6 to 7 days old. I cryed on the phone to Summer and even my Mom. What a basket case. I haven't told my husband, I don't want to cry again. I just feel stupid!!!!!! I couldn't even take care of one of the best presents my husband has ever gotten me( and he has been good to me). I guess I better not be holding anything precious or more fragile like a baby.