Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's that time of year again, 4th of July and we only have a few days before we leave to my parents beach cabin at Westport. This truly has grown to be my favorite thing to do and it costs nearly nothing thanks to my parents having a cabin at the beach. It has almost everything needed to have a good time, pots,pans,dishes,stove,frig,bathroom,beds and etc... we just pack clothes and food. It's only about a block from the beach and there's a fire pitt for roasting hot dogs and on the 4th there will be fresh crabs cooked in a big pot on the fire. The cabin is old and rustic, my Dad built it in the 50's or 60's,but it's great we don't have to worry about getting sand all over, we just sweep it up. So rain or shine, windy or not, we go and I always have fun. I do hope it will be sunny. I'm hoping all my little peeps will be there, but I think Chandler and Kaisa will be going to there Dad's (bummer). I think Tris and his little family will not be there because of money issues. Preston would rather hang out with buds blowing things up. Some of the kids will be there and some won't and I will miss the ones that aren't there.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It took a while, but we finally got D to smile. It was fun at the park and at the school across from his house, and the otter pops were great, but the water slide is alot more fun. The kids had so much fun on the water slide at Summer's. Carter didn't have a swim suit so he used one of Daniel's and it was alittle big, so his butt was hanging out half the time. We laugh so hard, butt he didn't to care. The water was like ice water, and the kids tried to tell me " grandma it's warm". I don't think so! It would have to be at least 80 to be warm for me.

My Little People !

This is only 6 of the 9 little people in my life! We have got to send alot of time together this week. We went to the park and that was totally overwelming for grandma. Where's Heidi,where's Carter, oh no I can't find Daniel. We happen to go to this wonderful Park in Puyallup on the nicest day so far this year and we all know what day that was, since there's only been a few. Okay maybe one! Everyone that lived in the city was also there and I mean kids, parents and dogs everywhere. After an hour and half of playing and eating a picnic lunch and chasing kids,we decided to leave.