Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is not just one of the cutest little people in my life, but proably one of the easiest to babysit. Just give him a tub of water or even a hose and he is happy for a very long time. Possibly hours which made my day much easier than I thought it was going to be. Logan your one in a million, or should I say one of my 9 most favorite little peeps. Oh, and he's even already potty trained and not even 2 till the end of August.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girlie's 8th Birthday

Our Girlie turned 8 yesterday. She gets baptised Saturday August 7th. (She is very excited about that.) She got to go shopping for her birthday with her ladies. She got her ears pierced too. She was really looking forward to it but very nervous. She is all about the bling and the first pair she picked out were huge princess crystals in white gold. Unfortunately they were out of stock so she settled on some just as pretty sparkly flowers. Lots of huge tears came after and it took her a while to realize she was okay and get back into the mood to shop. Her Great Grandma BB spoiled her immensly and she is quite grateful.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Say what! You want me to do what to what? I don't think so.
Papa finally got Carter to hold a crab and he did enjoy it after they were dead and not wiggling so much.
Papa saved a few crab for Carter to help and he wasn't quite as happy to help at first.
Daniel also starting climbing tree's after I took pictures of Abby and Damon and decided he wanted his picture taken also. The whole time we were at the beach," grandma take my picture". What little ham's and I was so willing to just that. Now I have a million pictures and will have to blog everyday to get them on here. So many pictures and so little time. Plus I'm computer stupid, but starting to figure a few things out. Good practice.
Who knew climbing tree's could be so much fun.
More pic's of Abby and Damon in the tree. I heard him say to her," hang on to me like you could fall." She did and she dangled from his neck as he move up higher in the tree. I'm to old for this, and it brought back memories of Chandler falling out our bedroom window when he wasn't quite 2.

One of the scariest moments at the beach is when I looked up in a tree and saw my little Abby in the tree with her older brother Damon. Summer didn't seem to mind and I almost had a heart attack. What were they thinking? Damon was really careful with her and she had a blast.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well the 4th was so much fun as always, even though everyone was't there. One of the best parts was watching little Abigail help Papa clean the crab she really got into it. Most of the kids stand at distance and watch in disgust! She is one of a kind, I smile every time I see her. She is always happy to see me and shows me. I love everything about her, even when shes mad.