Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just sitting here on my computer at 5:34 a.m. waiting for the cinnamon rolls to raise. Missing Heidi and Carter. Talked to Westin on the phone last nite and made me miss them. I won't get to see them this Christmas and they will be missed, but I know they will have a nice peaceful Christmas. Thanksgiving just kept giving and giving. It was wonderful and wild. It was great till the flu hit. Wes said Julia is starting to smile and talk ( well baby talk), she's going to change so much before we see her again.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The blessing of our little Julia was amazing. All of my kids, and grandkids were in church and Summer and her large family were even on time. Yeah Summer. There's 8 in her family and church was at 9:00 and we live at least, 20 minutes from her. Summer's always late, so Yeah Summer. As you can tell by the photo Julia wasn't as pleased as we were. This makes #3 for Wes and Jes. It was all kinds of fun untill we all got the flu later that nite. We were dropping like flies. I don't ever want to be that sick again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leaving Town

I've had it and I'm leaving. Well, I'm leaving to wait for the arrival of our newest grandbaby and I can't wait to see her. So I'm trying to pack and clean house. This week has just been a busy and hard week, I guess I'm just getting old. We are leaving friday to drive to Spokane, that is Daniel and I, but he will return home on saturday. Someone has to hold down the fort. If I live long enough! I think it's time for my husband to trade me in for 2 twenty two years olds. Just when my back heals it's something else and I'm sick of it. I even went to the good old Doc to check everything out and a shot in each arm,6 tubes of blood,checking of other things I don't care to mention and peeing in a cup for the second time this week. I thought good I'm done for a while,but oh no, when I come back from Spokane it's time for mamogram,bone scan, and a colonoscopy. Like I want to do the whole colonoscopy after the last time, the cleaning out was bad enough and they said you won't feel a thing. Yea, right, that's why I remember the pain and them telling we're almost done. That was after the endoscopy and I remember gagging. Oh did I mention the dry heaves after and feeling like someone had beat the crap out of me!!!!!! NOt to mention other stuff that I really don't want to talk about. Lovvvvvly week. I think 3 weeks in Spokane is sounding like maybe I should stay longer. Can't wait to see Heidi,Carter,Wes,and Jes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chandler is where it all started. Yes he was the very first grandchild, and we loved him from the moment we saw him. Okay, I loved him before I saw him. No one told me how totally amazing it was to be a grandma. Now we are working on #10 in November and #11 coming in Febuary. I love being a grandma more than anything else on earth. Chandler was the one who trained me. He has such a gentle spirit, he loves deeply. He's the easiest kid to be around, he always wants to please us and take care of us. He love's to help everyone. Chandler is turning 10 today and I don't know where the time has gone. He's gotten so tall. I remember holding him in my arms and pacing up and down the hallway till I thought my arms would fall off, trying to get him to sleep. Then when he would fall asleep I would sit carefully as not to wake him and if I sat very still he would sleep for about 20 minutes to 45 minutes. We were oatmeal buddies and would eat a huge bowl of oatmeal on the days I babysat. He taught bb and I, how to run fast when he learned how to work the hose and turned it on us. He found the more he sprayed us, the faster we would run and the harder we would laugh. He still makes us laugh, mostly he touches our hearts with kindness. I love the way he laughs, I love his big smile, I love his dimples, his big blue eyes, and the way he always wants to help me. Chandler Mandler I love you with all my heart, thanks for making me a good grandma. Happy 10th birthday, may you have 120 more.
This is a little house built out of drift wood. I think the surfer's made it to keep out of the wind in between tripps in the water.
His bb loves him as much as He loves her.

We started little picnic lunch's at the beach with Chandler when he was just 2 and so each year it seems to get busier and busier, we don't always make it. This year we did, but it was getting kinda late in the season and it had been raining all week. I'm so glad we made it.
Chandler had so much fun that day at the beach with his two grandma's. It was a really nice day and he didn't want to leave, neither did I. He found a dead crab that he packed around and called him crabby.
Chandler helping Grandma bb up the dune at the beach. He really loves his bb.
Chandler and his new bb gun that Grandma bb and Papa Dave bought for him. He was so excited that Grandma bb bought him a bb gun.
Chandler helping Logan.
What a nice big brother.
Chandler and Abigail at the park.
Meridian Park this summer.

Friday, September 24, 2010

So cute, hiding from us, yet again. Most of the grandkids love to get their pictures taken

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carter and Heidi out in the back that didn't get done this year, but the front yard is in. Kids sure like to play in the dirt. They would climb to the top of dirt piles and Carter would say I'm the king of the hill.
Carter in his batman Pjs we got him for his bday.
Carter loves his batman cape that I made him his last trip to Auburn and when I was over there I found a mask. So cute and when Westin's asks him where he lives he says Seattle. Too funny.
Heidi is so hard to get pictures of because everytime I pull out the camera she's on the move. I mostly get side views, but mom with the camera was better. So Jes got some pretty good pictures of her. What a cute tiny little girl she is, and a girl of few words, mostly noooooo!
Just sitting on the computer and thought I would add of couple pictures of the last trip to Spokane to see,Westin,Jessica, Carter and Heidikins. It's always fun for us, not so sure for Wes and Jes. We come in with all of our things and invade there home. I really had a rough time leaving this last visit because, we were there for a week and every time we left to just go to the store or something we would have to tell Carter we were coming back and that we still had 4days left or 3 or how ever many there was. About the time we start loading the car or saying our good byes Carter would hold on around my neck and lock his fingers. Westin has to pry him lose and this last time I almost lost it. I just new I couldn't cry or I would make them more sad and I didn't want to do that and plus I wouldn't be able to stop. I just miss them so much when we are away from them and I hate having family dinners and birthday without them. I wish we could all live close to each other. It would be crazy at times, but a good crazy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm so thankful for Katii and her sweet little spirit. We new she was strong willed from the start, but didn't know that from such a young age she would choose the right and be so smart about so many things. One day a while back we asked her if she could have anything what would it be and she said "I wish everyone would go to church". She always wants to choose the right and would like for everyone else too, also. She's the very best of her mom and the very best of her dad and she has a giggle that makes me giggle. She is such a girlie girl and I think thats why papa calls her girlie. She came out screaming with wild black hair and pretty much screamed the first half of her life .Then all of sudden was this delightful little girl. She's so soft and sweet and willing to help do anything, even clean the toilet. She's such a delight, you just gotta love her. Kaisa Jeanette Powell we love you!!!!!!!

Kaisa and Carter on the swing at the house after the baptism. Carter just wanted to sit by her and play with her and just loved being around Kaisa pretty much the whole day.
Kaisa and Carter at the church.
After Kaisa (Katii) was baptised it was back to the house for lunch and a birthday party with capes for all the grandkids, and Katii didn't mind sharing her day with her favorite cousin Carter. We took lots of pictures and ate cupcakes .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

These are just a few of the pictures of some of the people that were there for Kaisa's special day.

Today was Kaisa's big day, and she was so excited. She's holding her towel that I get each one of the grandkid's, with their name and baptism date. They use it to dry off after they get baptised and then get to keep it for a nice reminder to remember that special day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is not just one of the cutest little people in my life, but proably one of the easiest to babysit. Just give him a tub of water or even a hose and he is happy for a very long time. Possibly hours which made my day much easier than I thought it was going to be. Logan your one in a million, or should I say one of my 9 most favorite little peeps. Oh, and he's even already potty trained and not even 2 till the end of August.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girlie's 8th Birthday

Our Girlie turned 8 yesterday. She gets baptised Saturday August 7th. (She is very excited about that.) She got to go shopping for her birthday with her ladies. She got her ears pierced too. She was really looking forward to it but very nervous. She is all about the bling and the first pair she picked out were huge princess crystals in white gold. Unfortunately they were out of stock so she settled on some just as pretty sparkly flowers. Lots of huge tears came after and it took her a while to realize she was okay and get back into the mood to shop. Her Great Grandma BB spoiled her immensly and she is quite grateful.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Say what! You want me to do what to what? I don't think so.
Papa finally got Carter to hold a crab and he did enjoy it after they were dead and not wiggling so much.
Papa saved a few crab for Carter to help and he wasn't quite as happy to help at first.
Daniel also starting climbing tree's after I took pictures of Abby and Damon and decided he wanted his picture taken also. The whole time we were at the beach," grandma take my picture". What little ham's and I was so willing to just that. Now I have a million pictures and will have to blog everyday to get them on here. So many pictures and so little time. Plus I'm computer stupid, but starting to figure a few things out. Good practice.
Who knew climbing tree's could be so much fun.
More pic's of Abby and Damon in the tree. I heard him say to her," hang on to me like you could fall." She did and she dangled from his neck as he move up higher in the tree. I'm to old for this, and it brought back memories of Chandler falling out our bedroom window when he wasn't quite 2.