Friday, September 24, 2010

So cute, hiding from us, yet again. Most of the grandkids love to get their pictures taken

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carter and Heidi out in the back that didn't get done this year, but the front yard is in. Kids sure like to play in the dirt. They would climb to the top of dirt piles and Carter would say I'm the king of the hill.
Carter in his batman Pjs we got him for his bday.
Carter loves his batman cape that I made him his last trip to Auburn and when I was over there I found a mask. So cute and when Westin's asks him where he lives he says Seattle. Too funny.
Heidi is so hard to get pictures of because everytime I pull out the camera she's on the move. I mostly get side views, but mom with the camera was better. So Jes got some pretty good pictures of her. What a cute tiny little girl she is, and a girl of few words, mostly noooooo!
Just sitting on the computer and thought I would add of couple pictures of the last trip to Spokane to see,Westin,Jessica, Carter and Heidikins. It's always fun for us, not so sure for Wes and Jes. We come in with all of our things and invade there home. I really had a rough time leaving this last visit because, we were there for a week and every time we left to just go to the store or something we would have to tell Carter we were coming back and that we still had 4days left or 3 or how ever many there was. About the time we start loading the car or saying our good byes Carter would hold on around my neck and lock his fingers. Westin has to pry him lose and this last time I almost lost it. I just new I couldn't cry or I would make them more sad and I didn't want to do that and plus I wouldn't be able to stop. I just miss them so much when we are away from them and I hate having family dinners and birthday without them. I wish we could all live close to each other. It would be crazy at times, but a good crazy.