Saturday, January 10, 2009

Posting Pictures

I am learning to post photos on my blog. This picture is a good one to start with. Chandler and Kaisa had their pictures taken in September ('08) with their Dad and Step-mom. They are some dang cute babies!

What To Do About Nothing?

I'm not sure where to even start. If you're reading this I have to warn you, it won't have correct spelling or have correct sentence structure. My kids are all out of school and have been for awhile,which means I haven't had any reminders on writing. I barely write a letter or even a thank you note. My mind also thinks faster than I can write or type. Oh, did I mention I haven't typed much since high school. Can't tell you and won't tell you how long that's been, nor do I care to think about it. Maybe I'm just to stinking old to remember, or I have just chosen to block it out.

A couple things I do know is, it helps to lighten the load when I read other blogs that are out there. Some that I read make me laugh and almost wet my self. Some make me sad and others make me feel glad to be me. So I thank all you bloggers. Lately with the cat ("CC", Tristan's cat) peeing (I hope I spelled that right) on things, like my stove, my slippers, and most recently my shoes. That day I almost committed murder! Is it murder if its a pet? But instead I ran though the house screaming profanities and trying to catch it. It finally dove under my bed to escape,but lucky for me I caught it by the tail and ripped it(and I do mean ripped) out from under my bed, still screaming and shook it and almost strangled it. I then threw the cat out the front door ,(while still screaming), slammed the door (still screaming and crying). I'm sure if the neighbors heard me they would have thought someone was dying. The cat has been outside for several days, and sits at the front or back door meowing. I think I may lose my mind. I do mean all day and night almost nonstop, barely taking a breath. Tristan may have a home for the cat and I hope it's soon. I took the cat to the Vet today to make sure there is nothing physically wrong. I think its all mental. If the cat doesn't leave soon, I will be mental and maybe start to pee on things like stoves, slippers and shoes.