Thursday, December 31, 2009

Papa is the best thing since peanut butter and Jam

Wow do you think they love him? Or maybe they just think he's sooooo funny.

Pictures with Papa

My favorite thing about going to Summer's is My little people. They are always happy to see me even if I'm not bringing goodies.This Christmas Summer wanted to have Christ in her Christmas, so WE (PaPa and I) brought down a few spiritual messages. The grandkids seemed to love it and it would have went better if Papa wasn't such a goof ball. So, we or should I say I read stories like the Christmas orange and the Spirit of Christmas poem and handed out Christmas stars and oranges and we had hot chocolate. My Mom also bought the kids blue blankets and I read the Faded Blue Blanket, which is a really nice story and not to long for the little ones(like Abigail). We also took lots of photos.